WOW!! Where has the time gone?? We’ve been extremely busy around the brewery this past month we don’t even know where to start!

1st off the Hop Suey Double IPA made it’s debut a couple weeks ago and has had a great response from those who love a good double or even a triple IPA. We’ve learned a few things about it. 1). If you’re not a big west coast IPA fan to begin with, this is beer is NOT for you. 2). If you like a BIG bitter hop bomb you’ll probably really enjoy this beer. And 3). Regardless of whether you like it or not, if you put the seatbelt on and get through a pint, it’s pretty rewarding LOL!!

Also, Valencia Oranges are back in season and the first batch of Nun Duh Wiser this year has been released, and it doesn’t disappoint! Absolutely love this beer!!

BIG Shout out to our Spokane family, thank you for having us again!! Thank you for your support, we love bringing you beer and we no doubt hear you all the way over here!! LOL!! Cheers!!

Another glass raised to The Beach Bar at Birch Bay!! Cheers, and thank you to Randell and his crew for picking us up again!! It’s awesome to know that some folks are soaking up that gorgeous view with a Pint of Nun Chuck’s in hand; Thanks again for having us we appreciate you!

Last but not least we should be kegging our new Sweet Sister Berry (Strawberry Blond) just in time for some more of that amazing weather we’ve been having. Make sure you get your hands on a can or 2 of that it will go quick. Speaking of quick, everything seems to be moving quick around here. We’re are doing our best to keep all your favorites in stock, while trying to throw a couple new recipes into the mix. If we do run out of your favorite Chuck’s don’t fret it’s right around the corner. Hit us up on our website, we try to keep the brew schedule up to date under the “Our Beer Tab” at the bottom of that page. Also, feel free to shoot us an email at or call during business hours. Business hours can vary, and they can be found under the “Contact” drop down at the top of our webpage.

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!! BIG BIG Thank you Nun Chuck’s Army!! Cheers to you all!! You have yet again made it a fun, fantastic and shall we say record month here at Nun Chuck’s Brewing, we can’t thank you enough!!

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