Happy Friday Chucker’s!! We made it:) Hope you all had a good week, and if you didn’t… Drown that $!@t in a beer IT’S FRIDAY YO!!!:) Couple things for ya right out of the gate, we will be opening a bit late tomorrow Saturday the 18th. We generally open 1pm – 10pm but we will be open 4pm – 10pm. We will also post this on our door for those who don’t follow our blog. Again if you or someone you know doesn’t know how to get set up on our blog> simply go to our website>Go to Brewery News>At the bottom of the blog page enter your email addy and you’ll get a notice every time we create a new post. Again, we don’t collect your email, and you won’t get a bunch crap/spam/nonsense from us just the updates!

ALSO… UPDATED HOURS FOR THE UPCOMING CHRISTMAS WEEK AND NEW YEARS! We will open as usual on Wednesday the 22nd from 4pm-9pm, however we will be closed Thursday the 23rd thru Sunday the 26th. Again we will post this on our door as well. Sorry for any inconvenience but we have family to go see for Christmas, we hope you all have some great plans for the holidays as well:)! As for New Year’s Eve we’ve talked with a number of Chucker’s for their input and it looks like we’ll open from 1pm – 7pm and then make our way out of the war zone for the evening LOL! We’ve also taken a poll over the past week and most folks say that they’ll be recouping from the evenings festivities and it’s not likely that they will come out on New Years Day looking for drinks LOL, so we’ll close on New Years Day, recharge and get ready to kick off what we hope will be an AMAZING 2022 for Nun Chuck’s Brewing! I mean you guys have already made it a pretty AWESOME 2021 so thank you ALL for that!

Not a lot of sports options this evening but but there will be a couple things we can put on the TV’s for some distraction. Other than that come on in, have a beer, get warmed up with some friends, listen to some holiday cheer on the speaker and just relax!! Hope to see you all, if not, have a safe and amazing Friday wherever you find yourself!! Cheers Chucker’s!!

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