Happy Saturday Everyone!!:) Been a busy couple weeks here at the brewery! We have finally received all of our Swagg from the printer and everything looks FANTASTIC! Thanks to those of you who are already sporting your new hoodies, T’s and hats, you’re all lookin GREAT! Take a look around in the shop let us know what you think! We were having some issues getting our images uploaded to their respective pages, but it looks like we will have those up for you by Sunday evening.

Cans, Cans and Cans!!! We have been putting the new can seamer straight to work and we’re getting one heck of a response. These are 16.9 oz. cans and they are available for purchase at the brewery, or here on our website. Cans are $3.50 for singles or $12 per 4-Pack. As for the volume our 4-Packs equal a little more than a 64 oz. growler. Cans are a great way to enjoy your beer, and keep it fresh without the commitment of having to finish a growler once you’ve opened it. As always we do offer free delivery within 4-5 miles of the brewery “DURING BUSINESS HOURS ONLY” and we “WILL NOT” sell beer if you are unable to show proof of age… Scars and gray hair does not count, we WILL need to see ID:)

Also, as we begin to ramp up for the Brewers Associations 2nd annual Small Brewery Sunday on November 29th, think about what small independent brewery you like and show them some love. 2020 has no doubt been tough on everyone, and that has been the case with small independent craft breweries, many of which have succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, while some others are barley hanging on. With the up-tick in cases heading into winter it may only be a matter of time until we are in another lock down which may prove to be the breaking point for some of these other breweries. So if you love craft beer be sure to support local, small batch craft breweries. We will post again regarding the BA’s Small Brewery Sunday as we get closer to the 29th with more info.

Finally, the Stout Confessions Chocolate Vanilla Milk Stout is turning out absolutely AMAZING. We pulled a small sample from the vat yesterday and it’s just fantastic. Barring any unforeseeable speed bumps this should be canned and ready for you to enjoy with your Thanksgiving day feast!

And that’s about it for now, we hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, staying safe and healthy, enjoying a beer at some point LOL and GO HAWKS!


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