Hey Hey Look Who’s Open!! That’s right, Nun Chuck’s has finally opened it’s tasting room! It’s been a long time coming but here we are:) A few things to note… How do we get there? We are located in the Perrinville Plaza at 18609 76th Ave, West, Suite #C, Lynnwood, Wa. Can we bring our little’s? Yes, we are family friendly. However, we are still trying to figure out how to make it a bit more enjoyable for them, so for now I’m sure it’ll be a bit boring. But hey nearly every kid has their nose in their phone anyway so there’s always that… and we do have Wi-Fi LOL! As for food, we will look for food truck options etc. once we’ve been open for a bit and have had some time to assess our guests needs for food. As for now please feel free to bring in any food you’d like, If it’s really good bring enough for the whole class LOL… Just joking, but really bring enough for everyone LOL!! There are also some great ordering options around the corner, The Hook is one of our favorite go to’s, it’s pretty amazing! Also the Fat Pig BBQ has a great pulled pork and slaw sandwich that hits the spot.

As for our beers, most of you that have been with us since the start know we pretty much brew to keep up with demand of our 4 flagship brews. We do have those four on tap, and we are working on getting a couple cider options in as well. With that said, our new little Nano system is going to allow us to add a couple new flavors for you in a smaller capacity, and with any luck at all this tasting room will provide us the opportunity to upgrade some fermenting capacity and allow us to double our production in the near future. This will be great in the fact that we can begin to grow our beer menu and options for you. And not run out of beer LOL!!

Hours!! It’s going to take a bit of trial and error to get these hours dialed in but we’re learning too. As for right now we’re goin to start with the following, see how things work and go from there:
Monday – Tuesday Closed (We need time to brew, wash kegs, keg beer etc.)
Wednesday 3pm – 9pm
Thursday 3pm – 9pm
Friday 3pm – 10pm
Saturday 12pm – 10pm
Sunday For now we will be open for the 10am NFL Games and the 1pm Games. We will begin last call in the 4th quarter of the afternoon games. No worries if your game goes into OT we’re not gonna kick ya out before it ends LOL!!

Again, these hours are subject to change. Please check our website, contact tab and hours if you have any questions.

And last but not least our procedure regarding masks and the Covid-19 dilemma… We respect everyone’s view on the issue, and while we have ours, we do need to abide by certain “mandatory” requirements. So per Washington Governor masks are required upon entry. Clearly you can’t enjoy beer with a diaper on ya face so please have a seat, relax, and enjoy your visit. Out of respect for others views we ask that you put it on when traveling around to the bathroom etc. We will not, nor will we ever ask for, or require proof of vaccination!

Well I believe we covered all of our bases!!:) We look forward to see some familiar faces, and meeting new ones! This is a new venture for us as we’ve been brewing and selling out of a very small brewery for the past two years with no tasting room. It’ll be a bit of a learning process for us and I’m sure there will be some hiccups along the way, so be gentle and patient we’ll get it right LOL!! Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to serving you!! We’ll see ya at the tasting room!! Cheers Chucker’s!!

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    1. Sorry we missed you! We actually just posted our opening announcement today on our website for our opening on Friday. We probably shouldn’t have adjusted our hours for Wed. and Thurs. until Friday. I guess we got ahead of ourselves:) Sorry about that!

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