So it’s been brought to our attention that there are some folks out there that are not aware of the measures we are taking here at our taproom regarding covid-19 protocol. There was recently a post on twitter that stated we are passive aggressive, anti-vax and anti-mask that eventually made it’s way to Facebook as well. Mind you, this post was based on our grand opening post that was posted 5 weeks ago, (why it took so long to be upset is beyond me) AND the poster has never even been in to our taproom, so there’s that. They were not happy and or offended by the wording we used, so obviously we must be Anti-Covid protocol. As we know along with such posts, they are accompanied by their followers commenting about us being anti-vax. We’ve heard that we are a Super spreader location, what else… Oh yes “Congrats on doing the least bit possible to protect our community and being proud of it.” Along with many more comments. Naturally we didn’t take to kindly to these accusations simply because they are bogus claims with ZERO truth. We responded with a number of responses that were 100% justified. However in one reply I let my emotions get ahead of my brain and fired off a few choice words. I take full responsibility for that response, and while I’m not sorry for what was said, I am sorry for HOW it was said. And for the people who are taking acceptation to that post, I’m ok with it and take full ownership of my mistake. However if that’s what you’re upset about that’s great, and stand by your convictions, but leave the Anti-masks/Anti-vax super spreader garbage out of it cuz again it simply isn’t true. I’m ok with all of you who have said you’ll never step foot in here, or you’ll never come back etc. etc. fantastic. But do just that and let a dead die lay. It’s over, you got your win whatever that may be, leave it alone. We’re not here to sell choices or opinions. We’re here to sell good beer. We’re here for folks to come enjoy a cold one after a long hard day, or week of work, catch a game, catch up with friends and have a good time. We’re not here to argue, or debate, or bash others who’s ideas and opinions don’t meet yours, or ours for that matter.

As for our stance on covid protocol it’s simple, and it’s the same with nearly anywhere you go. #1. Masks are required upon entry, and when traveling about, please take it off at your table it’s tough to drink with it on, however we wouldn’t be surprised if some have figured out how to do it. I know the field is split but it’s 12 feet from the door to your seat and we want all of our guests to feel comfortable, so let’s just be basic humans and do our part. #2 No, I’m sorry, we don’t require proof of vaccination to come in. If that makes you uncomfortable we can appreciate that, but also appreciate the fact that doesn’t make us bad people. King County is not that far away and you’ll find plenty of places that require vax cards upon entry… Last rule #3…See #1! As for the accusations on us… WE ARE COMPLETLY VAXED, WE DO WEAR MASKS WHEN SERVING YOU OR TRAVELING AROUND THE TAP ROOM, AND WE COMPLETLY SANITIZE OUR TABLES AND CHAIRS WHEN OUR GUESTS LEAVE.

We hope this clears a few things up. And please, there’s no need to comment on this post. The ones who had something to say said plenty yesterday. You’ve made your point, just as we’ve made ours. Leave it alone, find another place to target, we’re done here. You’ve clearly said you’re not coming in, and that’s ok. Stick to your guns, but as far as we’re concerned it’s over. This chapter is done and we’re moving on! To all of our faithful, and the Nun Chucker’s who have been with us since the start and know who we are, thanks for your continued support. And to the new friends we’ve met since we’ve been here, we thank you and look forward to seeing you all again… Nothing’s changed here, we’re still the same place that made you like us in the first place. Only thing that’s different is we have a couple bigger tanks on the way to bring you more beer! Cheers Chucker’s!

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