We have a lot of catching up to do!! Things have really been moving here at the brewery since we were last able to give any updates. But now we have this beautiful new web site where we can start to interact with you, give you updates and keep you all in the loop as to what we’re doing here at Nun Chuck’s! This is our first post and we’re still trying to figure it out LOL! So bear with us and we’ll get it all figured out. HUGE SHOUT OUT to Brandon!!! We can’t thank you enough for this absolutely amazing platform you’ve given us! This web site truly is greater than we could have imagined, you did a fantastic job man. We couldn’t be happier! If anybody needs a web site give this guy your business, you won’t regret it! Drop us a line and we’ll get you in touch with him! This is the first of many, many more posts to come so stay tuned. And for all of you who have been with us since the start, all of you who continue to give us your support, all of our new friends we’ve gained so far along the way, and all the friends we haven’t met yet CHEERS!!! And thank you from the bottom of the keg:) Hold my beer we got this!!

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