Well we don’t want to jinx anything because there’s still time, LOL, So we’ll just say that here in a few short hours we will have all made it through one of, if not the most, Craptastic years we’ve ever seen; I’m sure 99% of us can’t wait for it to go far, far away!:) We wish you all the safest of New Years Eves! We want to thank you all for one helluva a first year here at Nun Chuck’s Brewing! You guys have been so AMAZING! The support, the friendships, the growth you have brought to this brewery over the past 12 months, you truly are the reason Nun Chuck’s exists:) We are pumped to see what 2021 has in store for us… I mean 2020 is turning 21, it can drink now lol, what could possibly happen??… maybe it’ll chill out a bit:) Who knows??

We wish you and yours nothing but the best in the new year! We look forward to your continued support, new adventures, new friendships, and continued success for Nun Chuck’s Brewing Company!! We look forward to seeing you soon! Be SAFE out there tonight, keep your heads up, pay attention, and look out for stupid people:) If you’re drinking… Enjoy yourself… Be Safe… Be Responsible… DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!! If you need to; hit us up we’ll get you an Uber Home!!

Cheers everyone!! We’ll see you all next year!!:)

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