Huuuump Daaaayyy!! We’re on the weeks back slide! Hope your week has been going good. We were a bit quiet last week, focusing on the tasks at hand to get this expansion rolling in the right direction. If you’re looking for that mid week pint we’re here from 4pm – 9pm today. Mariners 1st pitch at 4:10pm, as well as the Sounders taking on NY City FC in the second leg of the CONCACAF Semifinal at 6pm. Thank you to R.J. up there at 5 Rights for helping us out this week, as well as the tour. If you haven’t made a visit to 5 Right Brewing in Marysville make it a point! Great Brewery and Great people! Also HUGE SHOUT OUT to Edmonds very own Armando Ortiz who should be on a plane right about now headed to compete in the Boston Marathon. We’re all rootin for ya here in the PNW!!! GOOD LUCK BUDDY!! We’ll have a beer waiting for ya when you get back! Last but not least we will be closed this Sunday the 17th for Easter. We hope everyone has a great time spending the day with your family, that’s what we’ll be doing:) We will also post around the taproom for the folks who don’t follow us or have short term memory loss:)… Guilty! Other than that, have a great rest of your week, we look forward to seeing you all at some point, until then play safe!! Cheers Chucker’s!!

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