Hey Hey Chucker’s!! Hope you all had an amazing Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Almalaguenya 🙂 LOL (Movie Reference)!! Any who, we’ll be back at it today from 4pm – 9pm. Do be careful if you’re headed out anywhere it’s still pretty Icey out there. Saw about 5 little accidents just driving down to see if we were gonna open today, and we’re supposed to get some more snow tonight so do be careful. We will be open per usual today. Depending on the “Snow” we’re supposed to get tonight will determine our plan of attack for tomorrow, but as for now we are still planning to open as normal 4pm-9pm tomorrow as well. If you follow us on our blog do look for any updates tomorrow after we see what happens tonight.

Again, we posted last week our hours for New Years Eve. We are shooting for 1pm – 6pm on Friday, However the Georgia vs. Michigan Orange Bowl starts at 4:40pm. Depending on folks who are wanting to see this game we could stay open until 8pm if the need is there. We will be CLOSED New Years Day.

As for this evening it’s lookin like we get the Alamo Bowl Oregon vs. Oklahoma at 6pm and if we can field a team due to Covid the Flyers are in town to take on the Kraken at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you all again it’s been a week!! We’re having withdrawals LOL! But again, be safe out there, if the roads are junk don’t risk it, we’ll be here when you can get out! Cheers Chucker’s!!

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