Nun-Cho Libre (The Jalapeno Blond)


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This refreshing Blond is no doubt unique! With the flavor and aroma of Jalapeno up front, clean and refreshing out of the gate, with a touch of heat on the back side! This beer just keeps calling you back! Goes great with pizza, Tacos… Well, we like it with just about everything LOL! Grab a can and see what you think!!

NOTE: In order for us to fulfill growler orders you must either purchase a growler from our store, supply your own growler for fill at the brewery, or currently have a Nun Chuck’s Growler for trade in.  We do not ship growlers, 16oz. cans only. Delivery is offered for local delivery only and you MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF AGE UPON DELIVERY.

If ordering for delivery within 5 miles of the brewery – Use code “delivery” in coupon code section of your shopping cart to exclude shipping cost.  


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