Hey Hey Hey It’s Friday!! Hope everyone had an awesome week and you’re counting down the hours to OFF!! So things have been going great here at Chuck’s.. Damn you Chucker’s know how to drink some beer LOL:) Just an FYI we’re limping into the weekend with limited Nun Duh Wiser. That’s a good thing cuz we certainly know you’re drinking it:) Never fear tho we are kegging a fresh batch Wednesday the 15th, so if we do run out this weekend we will have it back by the time we see you again next week. Also, we do have a back up plan for that tap in the event that we do go dry… It is one of ours, we did break it out of the vault and it will be a mystery. Here’s a hint tho… It is a citrus IPA with a hint of Lemon Drop Hops, We think it’s pretty damn tasty, If we had our choice we’d save it for ourselves LOL:) and once it’s gone you’ll probably never see it again;) So… with that said, those of you who know the story of Nun Duh Wiser, this next batch is the final Nun Duh of the season and we will be breaking out the Board Breaker Blood Orange Citra IPA for the next few months. Nun Duh will make it’s return about April or May-ish. This will finally give all of our new friends and followers a chance to taste the Nun Duh/Board Breaker story. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning and have tasted them both, Board Breaker’s coming back:) Hang on!! I’m sure I’ve missed something but if it’s really important I’ll hit ya back… Senior moment I guess LOL:) Have a great close to your week, we look forward to seeing you all. If we don’t, have an awesome weekend, stay safe, stay dry, stay warm and look out for trees tonight we have another wind advisory through the night:) Cheers Chucker’s!!


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