Wow… We can’t thank you enough for the amazing welcome we got on our opening night! A HUGE thank you to all the folks that came out to support us last night, it was awesome to meet you all!! We’ve even managed to remember a lot of names LOL:)! One BIG take away from last night was the acoustics in our space… SHREEEEK!!! UUUGGHH!!! We thought the echo would dissipate a bit more when we got more bodies in there however that was just the opposite LOL:) We have already found some sound tiles, hopefully they will be here early next week and we can get those in before we open next Wednesday. They may not completely curb the issue, but anything will help. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to see you all again.

In the mean time we are back at it again today 12pm-10pm with an amazing sporting line up. The Dawgs, Cougs, Sounders and Kraken all play today. We only have 2 TV’s and at 4pm the Kraken will be on one of them. Let us know what’s on the other:) Our Tasting room is not terribly big so space is limited, so come on down, grab a beer, and enjoy a game!!

Again thank you all for showing up last night it was AWESOME!! Have a great rest of your weekend, and a BIG Cheers to you!!

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