Ho Ho Ho! We like Merry Christmas but we’re here for everyone so Happy Holidays too!! Hoping everybody is doing well, staying safe and healthy and enjoying the season:) Quick update… We’re back on line LOL, we were supposed to be posting the weekend of Thanksgiving, however we had a major glitch with our website and nearly lost everything… Needless to say we nearly had a breakdown LOL. Thankfully we were able to salvage most everything and things are back on track.

The release of our Stout Confessions has met us with a HUGE response, and we couldn’t be happier! BIG Thank You to everyone who has got their hands on this so far, your feedback has been AWESOME! For those of you who have yet to get in on the BUZZ don’t worry; we have you covered… for the time being anyway LOL! We will be brewing more very shortly as well.

Have a great end to your week, have a great weekend, GO SOUNDERS!! GO HAWKS… (You owe us from last week LOL:) and if you’re a sports fan, best of luck to your teams this weekend… Unless you’re playing our teams LOL! Cheers Nun Chuckers and look for our next update:)!

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