Well we’ve been holding on to this for nearly 2 weeks now… AND… Nun Chuck’s Brewing just got the keys to their new tasting room!! :)! We can’t thank you enough for your support!! You have all showed us, and told us, this thing needs to go to the next level. Thanks for helping us make our dream a reality! Keep it coming LOL:) Without all of you, we don’t exist!

We want to send out an extra special thank you to some really awesome people! Without dropping any names, we couldn’t have turned the page to the next chapter without your love, support, and belief in this brewery, our product, and it’s ownership. We love you guys!! To my wife and daughter, love you both, thanks for letting me take you on this crazy ride LOL, after 2+ years you’re not rookies, BUT we just upped the game!:) Hold my beer, I got this:) And we can’t forget about BRIAN (Squatch)!! When he’s not fishing or working his real job, he is the right hand man around the brewery, thanks for all your help and hard work buddy you’ve really been a huge help!

So now that the Oscar speech is over, here’s where we are. We have a bit of renovation to do, as well as making sure everything on the clerical side of things is taken care of. As much as I’d love to say we’ll see ya on Labor Day weekend there are a lot of parts moving right now. Keep checking our website in the brewery news section, we’ll be keeping you updated:) If you’re not yet signed up for updates, go to “Brewery News”, scroll to the bottom of the page and just put in an email address. We don’t give away your email addy to anyone, and we don’t annoy you with a bunch of junk. When we post an update, it will simply notify you that we posted an update. While we are working hard to get this tasting room open, our hours at the main brewery may be a bit crazy. Please shoot us an email at info@nunchucksbrewing.com and we’ll make sure we can get you the cans you’re looking for.

Again…Thank you all from the bottom of the keg!! We are very excited for the next chapter! We can’t wait to get to work, and we can’t wait to see everyone when the doors open!! To Be Continued…. CHEERS!

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