Well we hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July. We spent the week in Ocean Shores and had an amazing time as usual with friends and family. As always we have been MIA here on the Nun Chuck’s News Feed for a while. LOL… I need to hire a blogger LOL… I find myself with the best intentions of posting all the time, but then I get caught up in work and it falls to the wayside. Lots of great things going on here at the brewery, We’re working on some very exciting stuff… Stay tuned for more info on that, we’ll no doubt have more news to come!

As for the beer:) We’ve been brewing and brewing to keep up with our Nun Chuck’s faithful! Huge shout out to you guys and gals we couldn’t do it without you, so from the bottom of the keg THANK YOU so much for all of your support! The Hop Suey blew off the shelves the first time around. We have since restocked and it’s moving again, so if a big double IPA is your thing getcha sum!! We are also good to go on the Nun Duh Wiser and Stout Confessions. Nun Cho Libre Jalapeno has just sold out and will be back shortly, so keep checking back with us. We are also trying to throw a couple new recipes into the mix, but we gotta make sure we keep your favorites in stock, or some of you might get a bit upset with us LOL! You know who you are:) LOL!! We are in the process of bringing in 2 more fermenters (This is a little bit of our BIG news) but we’re still in talks with our supplier.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We hope you are doing your best to stay cool on those HOT days. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of beer… I mean water:) and hydrating yourself! LOL!! We look forward to visiting with you all when we see ya! If you’re out and about on one of these beautiful summer days you can swing by the brewery, and you can still grab a Nun Chuck’s at Grappa on Queen Ann in Seattle, or at the Beach Bar in Birch Bay. Both have a great atmosphere and outdoor seating. If you get up to Birch Bay grab a beer and enjoy the view, it’s pretty awesome!

Again, thank you all for your support and we hope to be sharing some exciting news with you here very soon!!

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