Nun Chuck’s would like to send you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!! To our troops that can’t be with their families today, we can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice and service! To the healthcare workers, the blues and emergency personnel who are patrolling our communities and keeping us safe instead of being at the table with their loved ones, we hope you get a chance to take a minute during your shift to treat yourself to something special. STAY SAFE!

Thank you to all our Nun Chuck family, you guys are really helping to make this thing grow every day and we can’t thank you enough for all of the support. There will be quite a few Nun Chuck’s gracing dinner tables today:) We see it and feel it, you guys are killing it:) #NUNCHUCKARMY

BIG release yesterday of the Stout Confessions (Chocolate Vanilla Milk Stout), the response was huge! For the folks who got their hands on some of the first cans out the door, ENJOY! Cheers! If you missed it, don’t sweat it there is plenty more:)

ENJOY your day everyone! Look for our post tomorrow with info regarding Small Brewery Sunday. That’s this Sunday the 29th. While you’re out getting your holiday festiv-ness on this weekend don’t forget to support your local small breweries. We’ll also be putting together some Christmas gift boxes that will be available on our website very soon. These will be perfect for the beer lover on your list!

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