Well the last 6 weeks have been LONG but it’s all about to pay off!! As most of you know we’ve been working really hard on renovating our new tasting room and you’ll be happy to know we are nearly ready to open the doors!! We can’t wait to see all of you who are already a big part of the Nun Chuck’s Family, and we look forward to welcoming all the new faces we are about to meet! We have already met many new friends down here in the Perrinville neighborhood and we’re pretty sure we’ll fit in just fine:) Huge shout out to Taki and the crew at The Hook Seafood Broiler!! We love your place, your staff is amazing and the food is excellent!! Thank you for the warm welcome to your neighborhood!!:) We look forward to making new memories in our cool new spot here in the Perrinville Plaza and we have a line up things we are looking forward to. We’ll have Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners, the inaugural season of our Seattle Kraken, Huskies, Cougars…. The list goes on:)

So thanks to a couple Chucker’s we are aware of the error issues when ordering beer on our website… We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, we have reached out to our web developer however it seems that he may be flaking out on us!! Rest assured we will get it taken care of… Any web developers out there?? LOL:)

So just a bit more to this update for you. We were looking at open this week however it seems that Washington State is kind of leaving us hanging. We received notice last week from Washington State that we have been granted our conditional liquor license and to schedule our briefing with our liquor officer for our final inspection this week, but after nearly 4 days of trying to contact the officer we still have yet to get a response. My guess is he’s hunting this week LOL… I’d be willing to take bets on that?? LOL:) We moved our canning machine and everything down here to our new location with the impression that we would be open by this weekend, which is why we’re nearly sold out of our can stock. Rest assured Chucker’s we’ve been working hard and we will have some cans and flowing taps for opening.

I type super slow, so I’ve behind this key board far to long for what is here LOL!! I could spend another hour telling you all about the cool things we have planned here at Nun Chuck’s but I have more work to do today:) For those of you who know our story and have been with us since day one, I know you are just as thrilled and excited as we are to finally be here in this position. Hang on gang we’re NEARLY there!! From this point on we’ll be posting more regularly so stay tuned. And for those that don’t know, if you go to the bottom of our brewery news page you can subscribe to our news blog. Just put in your email addy and whenever we post you’ll receive a notice with the new post. We do not collect your email address, we do not sell your email address, I am completely against that. You won’t receive a bunch of offers, nonsense or crap from our site, this simply lets you know when we post something new so that you can stay in the loop:) Again thank you all so much for your support. As we’ve said from the beginning YOU GUYS ARE THE REASON WE’RE HERE, and I know that… So thank you from the bottom of the keg!! We’ll see ya all soon!!

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